Dr. Pierpaoli’s medicine meets Castelluccio

first steps of a partnership towards the birth of the first prototype of the Interbion Health Village

Il dr. Walter Pierpaoli incontra il pubblico nella sede dell'Ordine dei Medici di Potenza il 29 settembre 2017 alle ore 16. 

Interbion Foundation a Castelluccio
Castelluccio Superiore

Does a biological clock exist? - The answer is: Yes!
Although this is obviously incredible, our biological clock is located in the pineal gland and marks the times of our life, from birth to death.


Over 40 years of research conducted with maximum scientific accuracy in the field of neuro-immuno-modulation (or PNEI) and experimental and clinical evidence published in the most prestigious international scientific journals, I have arrived at the irrefutable demonstration that the pineal gland through the control of inter-hormonal cyclicity also provides, consequently, control of all the body's defense mechanisms, called immune systems.

The key to healthy longevity is maintaining the pineal gland youthful through natural molecules and that consequently “simply” maintain all the functions of the organism in a youthful condition.


Thanks to the presence of the right group of people and expertise available in Lucania - Land of the Light-bearers - a favorable situation has been created for the realization of the Health Village as a model I have been pursuing for more than 30 years, to continue the application of my medicine and that allows us to recall on Castelluccio patients from all over the world, aware of being able to get a diagnosis and therapy for the recovery of health.

The Village contains and completes a series of possibilities both in terms of prevention and treatment of all diseases: doctors will go through an appropriate training process by joining our Medical Association and we will simply need a first aid post for emergencies, with local staff qualified in nursing and physical rehabilitation and an appropriately computerized laboratory that will be closely linked to our Research Center to carry out Clinical Research.


Castelluccio, so far from the current concept of a hospital clinic or “Wellness Center”, too closely linked to chronic diseases and the inevitable decline of health coupled with drugs, surgery, and a countless amount of symptomatic and palliative “treatments”, will have to maintain the peculiarities of an ancient Village where guests and patients during their therapeutic stays will rediscover a simple and rustic way of life as in the past, healthy habits and wholesome foods.

This way Frederick II of Swabia’s dream will finally come true; who attempted by sacrificing his entire family, to unify Italy, starting from the South, to make it a great and civilized country. With this I give due tribute to the great Doctor Paracelsus, an enlightened and persecuted politician, and to the great Medical School in Salerno, to whom I bow.



I’ll be waiting for you on 29 September at 4 p.m., at the headquarters of the Medical Board on viale della Regione Basilicata 3/A a Potenza


Foto: Demincob - Opera propria, CC BY 3.0


Interbion Foundation
19 Settembre 2017

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