Interbion Kits and Medicine


The synthesis and circadian secretion of hormones (in particular of the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis) are closely linked, takes place according to a precise sequence and rhythm (linked to the rotational movements of the earth and moon) and constitute the basis for the body to work properly. 

Diseases are the expression of the body’s loss of ability to maintain these rhythms (de-synchronization of inter-hormonal synthesis and rhythmic secretion).

Maintaining perfect inter-hormonal synchronization based on measures to prevent and preserve synchronization lies at the foundation of the prevention and treatment of pathologies in Interbion Medicine.


According to my studies, it is currently possible to prevent and treat even serious diseases by going to the root of the problem: the objective of our prevention and treatment interventions is to maintain or restore inter-hormonal synchronization that leads to the rebalancing of the neuro-endocrine system, to the strengthening of the immune system and to the biological and metabolic recovery of the body. In this neuro-endocrine-immune re-synchronization process, the pineal gland and thyroid play a primary role as central managers of circadian rhythms.


In the Interbion Medicine protocol, interventions for 

  • Inter-hormonal or neuro-endocrine-immune re-synchronization
  • Neuroimmunomodulation
  • Biological reorganization in various pathologies 

are carried out through the integration of chemical and biological elements present in KITS containing preparations of natural molecules (whose structure is already present in nature, although they are produced by synthesis) that are able to boost the immune system, countering aging and rebalancing the neuro-endocrine system.


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