Who is Walter Pierpaoli?


Dr. Walter Pierpaoli, M.D., Ph.D.


Born in 1934 in Milan, Walter Pierpaoli obtained a first-class degree in Medicine in 1960 with a research thesis on “Photodynamic Reactions and Carcinogenesis”. He worked as an assistant at the Institute of General Pathology, specialising in Cardiology, and opened a medical practice. Following a study grant from the US Atomic Energy Commission for a research project on “Energy transfer in photodynamic reaction”, in 1963 he was awarded the post of Laboratory Director of the Study Centre for Cell Pathology of the CNR (Italian National Research Council) in Milan, where he lectured in Immunology. He worked there until 1969 and then transferred to the Swiss Institute of Medicine in Davos-Platz where he stayed until 1977 as Director of the Neuroimmunology Group.



He set up the Neuroimmunology Centre of the Zurich University Institute of Anatomy, which he directed until 1980 and where, with the scientific and financial support over a ten-year period of the Choay Institute in Paris, he was able to open an Institute for Integrative Biomedical Research and a Foundation for Basic Biomedical Research, now called the INTERBION Foundation. This was transferred to Canton Ticino, Switzerland, and he has been its President since 1980.


In the article “Relationship between thymus and hypophysis” published in 1967 in Nature he demonstrated that there is a close interdependence between the neuro-endocrine system and the immune system, becoming one of the pioneers in developing Neuro-Immuno-Modulation (NIM), the new interdisciplinary science also known as Psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology (PNEI), a supplementary medical discipline to which thousands of researchers are dedicated today.

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Walter Pierpaoli has had over 140 experimental scientific works published in major international scientific reviews, such as Nature (7 articles), Journal of the National Cancer Institute – USA, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – USA, and many others. For several years he has received funds for his research on bone marrow transplants from the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA.


Walter Pierpaoli organizes the well-known Stromboli Conferences on Cancer and Ageing which have taken place in 1987, 1990, 1993, 2005, 2010 and 2016. The Stromboli Conference proceedings, published by the New York Academy of Sciences, sold the most volumes in the history of this most glorious and ancient scientific society in the USA.

Since 1995, Dr. Pierpaoli's findings have been applied by him to many thousands of patients suffering from a wide range of diseases, in the wake of and driven by the publication of the New York Times bestseller “The Melatonin Miracle”, translated into 17 languages. This work describes how the pineal gland strictly controls the phases of our life and ageing, and how it is possible to interfere with global organic decline if we maintain the youthful functions of the pineal gland by taking night-time melatonin, formulated by Pierpaoli in 1987, so that night-time production by the pineal gland is prevented and the gland itself is allowed to “rest”. The research results obtained speak volumes.


Walter Pierpaoli is known all over the world for the discovery of the biological clock in the pineal gland, the study of the molecules that regulate it and, thanks to his collaboration with the Marcucci group (now Kedrion) and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, for his discovery of transferrins as repositories of individual immunological identity.


In 2014, Pierpaoli opened a medical school in Fano, in the Marche Region, with annual courses on Inter-Hormonal Resynchronization, leading to an endocrine and immune rearrangement for a wide range of pathologies and to a reversal of the metabolic ageing process. He has also written a Medicine Manual available in Italian, English and Portuguese.


He has also published some educational books in Italy with Morlacchi Editore: “La chiave della vita” (“The Key of Life”) – “L’orologio della vita” (“The Life Clock”) – “L’uomo senza età” (“The Ageless Man”) – “I pazienti felici” (“My Happy Patients”).


He has devised a project called “Health Hamlets” where a new type of human, social and professional relationship is created – a renewed “therapeutic alliance” between doctor and patient.


Both an Italian and a Swiss citizen, he now develops his research studies on an international scale.

His career and his non-participation in large and powerful political and financial groups have prevented him from becoming wealthy and receiving awards. He does not regret this in the least.



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